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ESD Renovation

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- ESD Color System – If your floor looks dull and has lost its color and if the measurement results no longer satisfy the requirements, ESD Color System is the perfect solution. Applying two coats of Base Coat Color, the floor will look as new as on the day it was installed and with ESD Top Coat on top it will also have optimum conductivity. With this three coat system we can bring back all the requirements of a perfectly conductive floor, without interfering with the day to day operations in the production area.

ESD Color Base

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- ESD Transparent System - If your floor has lost its shine, scratches cannot be cleaned anymore and the measurements are not what you would expect, ESD Transparent System is the answer. Applied in two transparent coats, Base Coat and Top Coat, this system will not only restore the perfect conductivity of your floor, but will also make it easy to clean and beautiful to look at again.

ESD Transparent

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- ESD Single Coat System – If your newly installed conductive floor has been damaged or scratched
or if your perfectly conductive floor cannot be cleaned and residues from ESD pallets are still visible after .
daily cleaning, ESD Single Coat System is the perfect answer to your problems. Applied in one transparent coat, it will close the pores of your floor, making it extremely easy to clean while preserving the good conductive properties of the floor.

ESD Single Coat

All Dr Schutz ESD Systems are highly wear and tear resistant. Their life expectancy lies between 3 and 10 years, while they preserve and upgrade the conductivity of ESD floors.
All systems are ESD certified, fulfilling the ESD norms (EN 61340-5-1 and ANSI 20.20) and are compatible with any existing ESD floor.
To ensure a perfect application and finish, we recommend a Dr Schutz certified installer for the installation of all of Dr Schutz ESD Systems.

Dr.Schutz - We care about your ESD floor

• Deep scratch marks are visible

  • Marking tape residuals are difficult to remove

  • The surface looks dull and discolored

  • Even regular daily cleaning does not remove the dirt

  • The surface has lost its ESD properties

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  • Scratches are no longer visible

  • The surface has regained its shine and color

  • The floor is easy to maintain

  • The ESD properties of the floor are in accordance with
    DIN EN 61340-5-1 and ANSI 20.20

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    We at Dr Schutz understand the importance of your ESD floor. The flooring must fulfill the requirements of DIN EN 61340-5-1/ANSI 20.20 norms, it has to be easy to maintain, capable of handling all types of traffic as well as aesthetically pleasing for a long period of time.

  • Recommended by leading floor manufacturers

  • Eco friendly product – Eco friendly implementation

  • Suitable for smaller areas as well

  • Increased lifetime – up to 10 years

  • Cost efficient

  • Dust free implementation

  • Renovates and protects the floor’s ESD properties

  • High wear and tear resistance

  • Decreases the cleaning and facility expenses

  • Different gloss grades available (mat, satin and gloss)

  • Quick – 24 hours implementation for 1,000 m2

  • No after care (waxes and polishes) are needed

  • High resistance to chemicals