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N2 Generator

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Why Choose YS Nitrogen Generator

CMS (Carbon Molesular Sieves) is the most material for the nitrogen generator but how can we know the quality of CMS? There is some detail of CMS for you to determine.

1. Nitrogen generator is the smaller the better! The less the molecular sieve quantity the better ~
2. The smaller air compressor the better! Because the energy consumption will be smaller.

Other nitrogen generators: 100 NM3/Hr used 75Kw compressor.
Yes-Sir nitrogen generator: 100 NM3/Hr used 55Kw compressor.

YES-SIR Nitrogen Generator ID (Modular) Features

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YS-N-IC (BOX-Type) Series

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YS Nitrogen Generator Small Series

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YES-SIR Ultra Filter
YES-SIR Portable Concentration Meter

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