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Everest is engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of Metal Gaskets, Non-metallic Gaskets, Braided Packings, Compressed Gasket Sheets, Sealing Equipments, Insulation Products, Hydraulic Sealing products, etc.

Everest offers a complete range of spiral wound gaskets, Standard and non-standard spiral wound gasket. Gaskets can be made from a large selection of alloys and filler materials in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also provide non-round spiral wound gaskets, manhole and handhole spiral wound, and just inner & outer rings for SWG.
The gasket is suitable for flange, valve, pump, heat exchange etc.

Serrated Gaskets
Everest offers complete range of moulds for manufacture serrated metal gaskets. We not only provide the complete kammprofile gasket, also metal core only. The range of styles including with and without rings, with integral and loose outer rings. Kammprofile Gasket is known as LP1 Gaskets and Cammprofile.
Spiral Wound Gaskets

Everest have complete range of molds for manufacture corrugated gaskets, for ASME standard corrugated gasket. The CMG gaskets is punched by moulds, the tolerance is strictly control. Corrugated Metal Gasket are known as Graphonic Gaskets.
Corrugated metal gasket is widely used for pipe flange, pump, valve joint.
We supply the complete corrugated gaskets, and metal core only.

Ring Joint Gaskets
Ring type joint gasket is known as RTJ. Everest offers a complete range of ring type joint gaskets, standard and custom ring joint gasket. 
Ring joint gasket is suitable is suitable for high temperature and pressure environment pipe flange, pump, valve joint. Standard ring type joints are manufactured to meet both API 6A and ASME B16.20 sizes and ratings.
Everest offers a complete range of  Double Jacketed Gaskets. According to different operating conditions, Double jacketed gaskets with bars. for manhole or handholes.
Double Jacketed Gaskets are used on boiler and heat exchanger applications when ample bolting is available to correctly seat the gasket.  They are designed for high pressure and temperature applications up to and inclusive of Class 900.
More detail information of DJG gaskets, please contact with us.

Expanded Graphite Gaskets
Expanded Graphite Gasket is known as Flexible Graphite Gasket. According to different operating conditions, gaskets can be covered with single or double eyelets, or without eyelet. We also provide nuclear grade graphite gasket, sulphur content less than 600ppm. Superior performance.
Graphite gaskets is widely used for pipe flange, pump, valve joint.
Corrugated Gaskets
Double Jacket Gaskets

Everest offers complete range of copper gaskets, solid copper gasket, not only red copper, also brass gaskets. We also provide various of copper double jacketed gaskets.
Everest offers complete range of aluminum gaskets according to your specification and requirements.
Copper Gaskets
Aluminum Gaskets

PTFE has the best chemical corrosion resistance among konwn plastics. Everest supply complete range of PTFE gaskets. Solid PTFE, Expanded PTFE Gaskets, and PTFE Envelope gaskets. 
Everest supply complete range of Synthetic Fiber Gaskets. Different temperature different color and performance, with vulcanization processing, we provide oil-resisting non-asbestos gaskets. We constantly improve the technique level, at present had produced synthetic fiber compression sheet match with KLINGER 4 series, and GARLOCK 3 series.
PTFE Gaskets
Synthetic Fiber Gaskets

Everest offers complete rang of Mineral Fiber rubber gaskets. We provide temperature from 150 C degree to 650 degree C. We import Mineral Fiber fibers from Russia, high quality, and lowest prices.
Mineral Fiber rubber gasket is suitable for pipe flange, pump, valve joint.

Everest offers complete range of rubber gaskets, O-rings, and cork rubber gaskets. OEM service, we provide not only round gaskets, also nonstandard gaskets. eg. obround, with holes, and electric parts.
The rubber gasket is suitable for flange, pump, valve joint.

Mineral Fiber Gaskets
Rubber Gaskets

Everest offers all range of tape gaskets, Expanded PTFE Tape and Graphite Tapes, and corrugated Graphite tape.
The tape can be within adhesive, it is good for save waste and operating time. 
Everest Providing full range of Flange Insulation Gasket Kits. You can buy the sets of kits or buy the insulation gaskets, insulation sleeves, insulation washers separately.
Type E Gasket, Type F Gaskets, 
Materials : Plain Phenolic, Neoprene, PTFE, G-7, G-10, G-11 etc.
Range of insulation gaskets kit including : Seinseal® Gaskets, Srinseal®Gaskets, Ssinseal® Gaskets, Insulation Sleeves, Washers.
Tape Gaskets
Flange Insulation Gasket Kits