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String Wound Filter Cartridge

The String Wound Filter Cartridge is made of PP or Bleached Cotton or Glass Fiber which is used for high solid loading application. The material is wind on the PP core or Stainless Steel core. Our string wound filter cartridges are structured loose outer layers and tight inner layers which can offer true depth filtration and high dirt holding capacity. The main advantage of string wound filter cartridge is its exceptionally high structural strength, therefore, they can withstand severe operating conditions which conform with FDA standard requirement.

Excellent Chemical Compatibility. 
  • Precision Wound Depth Filter Cartridges Provide Cost Effective Filtration of Fluids .
  • Low Pressure Loss and Long Service Life.
  • Cartridge Lengths from 9 3/4” to 40” Permit Rapid Installation into Most Competitive Filter Housings.
  • Loose Outer Layers and Tight Inner Layers offers Effective Depth Filtration.
  • Available in Retention Ratings from 1 ~ 100 Microns.
  • Manufactured from materials, which are FDA listed for food contact application in title 21 of U.S. code of Federal Regulations.
  • Various Filter Media Fit With Various Applications.

  • Specifications
    Dimensions (nominal) :
    Outside Diameter : 2.5” or 4.5”
    Lengths : 9.75”, 10”, 19.5”,  20”, 29.5”,  30”, 39”, 39.5”, 40”
    Materials of Construction
    Filter Media : Polypropylene, Bleached Cotton and Glass Fiber
    Core :  Polypropylene or Stainless Steel




    Pre-Filter for Drinking Water Treatment
  • Acid-Base Liquid in Chemical Processing
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plating
  • Filtration for Organic Solvent and Various Alcohols