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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

The Everest ACF series carbon filter cartridge is made by perfused activated carbon in fiber medium. With higher surface area, the ACF series can absorb organics in shorter time and increase the treatment efficiency. Our special surface design and formulation assure a multi-function filter cartridge. It can be used not only to capture the particulate matters, but also eliminate the chloride odor in filtration processes. The external mesh support and enhanced PP hardware assure excellent strength and higher dirt holding capacity.
The ACF series are widely used in ABS plating, PCB plating, Lead Frame plating, electronic devices plating, metal and all kinds of Cu and Ni plating.

Activated carbon (AC) is a natural material derived from bituminous coal, lignite, wood, coconut shell etc., activated by steam and other means, and each one have different adsorption properties (e.g. bituminous carbon for high chlorine reduction capacity). Some manufacturers use various blends of carbon to achieve specific water quality and contaminants reduction (e.g. coconut shell carbon for "sweet taste").

Activated carbon surface properties are both hydrophobic and oleophilic; that is, they “hate” water but “love” oil. When flow conditions are suitable, dissolved chemicals in water flowing over the carbon surface “stick” to the carbon in a thin film while the water passes on.

This process is called 
adsorption. As a result of the adsorption process, activated carbon is an effective method in removing chlorine and it's by-products (TTHM's) and volatile organic compounds (carbon based VOC's).
What is Activated Carbon ?
Pressed and extruded under high pressure.
  • Prevent carbon particles passing into the filtrate.
  • Excellent adsorption characteristics for chlorine and organic compounds.
  • Economical alternative to granular carbon cartridges.
    • Effective to reduce Chlorine, VOCs, Pesticides, Hazardous Chemicals, 
    • Odor removal and Taste Improvement.
    • Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, durable physical strength, 
    • and steady flow to achieve reliable performance & long life usage.

    Dimensions (nominal) :
    Outside Diameter : 62 ± 1 mm, 68 mm, 115 mm
    Inside Diameter : 27 ± 1 mm
    Lengths : 10”, 20”, 30” or up to customer's requirements
    Materials of Construction
    Filter Media : Powdered Activated Carbon Perfused Fiber Medium
    End Caps / Core : Plastic Cover with PP Core





    Electronic, power industry: pure water, gas, electroplating liquid, printing line version etc..
  • Chemical, petroleum and chemical : solvent, coating, the magnetic slurry, detergent, liquid wax etc..
    • The pharmaceutical industry : hospital water, pharmaceutical injection, Zhongfu liquid etc..
    • The food industry : food, beverages, drinking water, wine and so on.
    • Industrial Water Treatment.
    • Drinking Water Treatment.