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Gas Filter Element

Everest dry gas filter cartridges are high efficiency filter elements specifically designed for the removal of solid
particulate contaminants in critical applications. They are available in various grades of absolute rated high performance medias with hardware customizable to suit your application. These large surface
area pleated cartridges are completely customizable and designed to provide the optimum combination of
particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability.

Special Features
The primary focus of the Everest gas filter design is to provide highly rated efficiencies (to beta 5000) without compromising the element service life. In order to achieve this combination we select filtration media with exceptional contaminant holding properties, but comparatively low flow resistance. 
  • Our wide array of rated fixed pore filter medias are specifically designed for the removal of solid particulate from a air or gas stream while maintaining cartridge structural integrity under very high air/gas flux rates. 
    • In addition to being economical in service life, our product design is operator friendly. Fixed gasket design provided a positive sealing surface you can trust.
    • By reducing time in a shut down state and reducing operational costs, the benefits of the high efficiency solids removal cartridge equates to total equipment and process protection.

    Designed For Durability
    Everest Equipments air filters are designed to meet or surpass the most stringent requirements for long life, superior air flow, high particle retention and highly effective seals. The standard element frames are sturdily constructed of carbon steel; stainless steel and galvanized steel are also available. Both faces of the radial fin are supported by woven wire, and the unit cores are perforated steel to retain strength for the life of the filter and minimize seal failure.

    Wide Choice of Filter Medias
    Everest Equipments offers many different filter medias that remove contaminates as small as 0.3 microns up to 200 microns and provide exceptional performance over wide temperature ranges. Everest Equipments filter medias include :

  • Paper
  • 80 / 20 
  • Fire Retardant
  • Screen
  • Spun Bond
  • Others to meet specific application
  • Applications
    • Heavy De-sanding applications
    • Gas processing facilities
    • City Gates turbine meter protection
    • Lo Nox burner tip protection
    • Formation protection during gas flooding
    • Iron Sulfide Revoval
    • Downstream of a catalyst bed
    • General fine solids removal in critical air and gas related applications