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Liquid / Liquid Coalescer

For the Separation of Water and Solids from Oils and Hydrocarbons
Everest EC Series Liquid Phase Coalescer Elements are designed to coalesce two immiscible liquid phases within a stream to aid separation. In addition to liquid coalescing, coalescer cartridges are also highly efficient particulate filters. To safe guard against solids, the coalescer elements should always be protected by a pre-filter. In installations where no pre-filter exists, the Everest ECP Series uses an additional pleated section on the upstream side of the coalescing media to extend the effective operating life and protect coalescing media.

The coalescer is a multiple stage system. It first removes particulate matter, then coalesces and separates the dispersed phase liquid from the continuous phase liquid.
For removal of water from hydrocarbons, the Everest EC series coalescer will remove entrained water to a level of below 15 ppmv over a wide range of conditions.
Coalescer Description
Inlet water concentration as high as 3% water by volume (i.e., 30,000 ppmv.)
For removal of oil from water, the Everest EC series coalescer will remove free oil from water over a wide range of conditions in the horizontal configuration.
Multiple Stage System
Stage 1 : Prefiltration
Due to the fine pore structure of the coalescer medium, It is recommended that a prefilter be installed upstream of the coalescer assembly to properly control particulate matter in the liquid stream. Installing a prefilter significantly extends the life of the coalescer and reduces particulate concentration in the filter effluent to meet customer’s requirements.

Stage 2 : Coalescence
The hydrocarbon and water mixture enters the coalescing element and flows inside to outside. This is where small droplets of dispersed phase liquid come together, or coalesce, as the mixture moves through the depth of coalescer medium.

Stage 3: Separation
In separating water from fuel, water-free fuel and large water droplets flow toward the separator which is in the same vertical vessel. Flow is outside to inside. The separator medium is hydrophobic, which prevents water from entering the separator. Only water- free fuel flows through the separator. Water and fuel are removed by separate drain connections.
In separating oil from water, a settling zone is designed downstream of the coalescer. In the settling zone, the large coalescer droplets are separated due to gravity.


Coalescing Principle
1) Collection of Individual Droplets
2) Combining of Several Small Droplets into 
 Larger Ones
3) Rise/Fall of the Enlarged Droplets by


  • Separation of water from gasoline, jet fuel and diesel
  • Separation of hydrogen peroxide from working solution
  • Separation of acids from Wide Range Carryover of acids common in refinery and specialty petrochemicals and hydrocarbons
  • Separation of water from light hydrocarbons (C6 and below) or added to the system, reduces interfacial tension, and petrochemicals  
Liquid Liquid Coalescer Housing Design