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Vapour Phase ATF VP 400


The ATF vapour phase VP 400 consists of the lower soldering compartment containing the vapour phase which height is limited by heat exchangers which are cooled by the built-in cooling ag- gregate. Above these coolers the thermally separated cooling zone is located for a gentle cooling down of the assembly.

Unique feature is the temperature profile control software: by de- fining up to 20 temperature set values, the machine will run the re- spective profile automatically. The distinct algorithm ensures the tray with the PCB is exposed accurately to the required tempera- tures with the corresponding times. No matter whether the ma- chine has been switched on recently or is running for hours: the VP 400 control algorithm makes sure, that the temperature profile is the same.

The m/c is controlled via economy panel PC with touch panel and memory for a number of different profiles (limited to SD memory or customers on-site server capacity only). The user friendly multilin- gual software (English, German,) allows easy access to all param- eters. The data(s) shown at graphic colour Display. Network ca- pability. Remote maintenance

The VP 400 is network-compatible. Because of the built-in cooling unit no external cooling water is needed and the machine is ready for operation, just plug it to pow- er and fill the medium in.