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Selective Soldering ATF SLS 400

The welded steel base frame is pre-conditioned for a long term reliability. Hinged doors allow easy and fast access to the machine. Large windows allow free vision of the process. The repeatability of the solder process is one of the major advantages of the SLS 400. Besides this, as automated soldering machine it reduces significantly the rate of solder defects and increases the throughput.
The unit can be upgraded for operation in nitrogen atmosphere at any time.


The special fluxer allows single spot fluxing as well as area fluxing. The high precision nozzle and a high speed micro valve ensures highly accurate flux deposition both position and volume wise.


Black-Carbon emitters are adapted to the specific needs of IPA and VOC-free flux. Despite the long wave IR they respond very fast and offer huge power reserve. The preheater is switched on just before the PCB is to be warmed-up. The emitters are protected by glass to allow easy cleaning.

Solder Module

High-grade stainless steel with lead-free resistant coating is used for the solder pot and nozzles. The ducts developed by ATF can be removed easily and reduce significantly the chance of dross clogging the nozzle. The SLS 400 is ready for a second solder pots which is mounted on a rail to be easily moved into solder position, e.g. for second solder or mini wave with 250 mm width.
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In difference to robot arms is the X-Y-frame of the ATF machine very sturdy and precondition for precise positioning of the PCB on the mini wave. The z-movement is carried out by high precision spindles which lift the entire X-Y-table with the PCB. The heavy set-up avoids oscillations of the table and allow reproducible movement. For the movement micro step motors are used in combination with encoders.


The software allows import of all common PCB data and the use of a scan of the PCB and subsequent selecting of the solder points by simple clicking. As an alternative the pcb may be programmed manually by using the x and y positions. The user friendly multilingual software (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) allows easy access to all process parameter, new solder profiles might be programmed easily Offline.
Unique is the automatic wave height control: dross, changing solder level, ageing of the nozzle and other parameter influence the wave height. The pump speed is adjusted automatically to make sure the wave height stays constant. As an option the nozzle and solder process is continuously monitored by a professional CCD camera.
Timer function allows to define individual on/off daily set points.