What's Filtration


Filtration is the separation of solids or contaminants from liquids or gases by intercepting a porous material (called filter elements) so that only the fluid can pass. Filters are integral parts of any systems which contain the fluids (liquids or gases). This process of eliminating contaminants through filtration ensures the reliability and quality of the products. There are also other devices which separate or eliminate contaminants from fluids; coalescers which work on the difference in specific gravity to separate water from oil or vice versa and the recycling separator which utilizes centrifugal force to eliminate solids from gases.

Some applications may require inorganic filter elements as they can be used in high temperature (>200℃), high pressure (>250kg/cm2G)
and high viscosity (>3000Poise).

There are many types of filters. With decades experience in filtration industries, we can help you find out which one is best fitted into your specific requirements and specification. Bad decision of filter type may lead to a poor filtration result or high operating cost.

Why you need an expert ? Because a lot of factors as below need to consider for a filtration system. Even more...

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